Sleep is an essential activity for our bodies, just like eating or drinking.

The quantity and quality of sleep affects our physical and mental health.

A good night’s sleep encourages the regeneration of our bodies and helps us feel more at peace with ourselves. On the contrary, an insufficient or poor quality sleep can alter the metabolism, damage the body’s immune system and make it almost impossible to concentrate during the day.

A lack of sleep also affects our mood and has a negative impact on every other aspect of our lives. To prevent problems linked to poor sleep and to start getting good sleep, just remember a few simple tips.

  • An active life during the day helps us sleep at night
  • Watching TV before going to bed is detrimental to a good night’s sleep
  • Always try to go to bed at the same time every day
  • An excessive sugar intake prevents sleep
  • Lack of sleep increases the appetite and makes us put on weight
  • The less you sleep, the more likely you are to become ill
  • People who sleep less grow older, faster
  • 18° C is the ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep
  • Regular mealtimes encourage regular sleep patterns
  • Lack of sleep damages the brain
  • Excessive heat is bad for sleep
  • Try to avoid taking naps during the day.