The build of each individual determines the perception of their comfort and the support preference in their mattress. Dual Core is the innovative technology that Magniflex developed to allow sleep partners to share their mattress without compromising anything in terms of comfort.

Magniflex mattresses with dual core have two separate cores with different comfort and support levels that can easily be adjusted by unzipping the mattress cover and simply flipping either of the two inside cores. It’s just like a custom mattress without the wait or expense of a made-to-order bed. The dual core technology offers 3 different combinations:

Two different comforts in only one mattress:

  • double comfort option, each side of the mattress has a different comfort and support level
  • “softer” side for gentler support
  • “firmer” side” for firmer support
  • separate, flippable cores to meet each individual’s optimal comfort needs
  • perfect harmony for sleep partners, without compromise.