This pure cellulose yarn is ecological, healthy and is made from a careful mixture of timbers. It differs from other cellulose fabric due to the soft feel and its heat-regulating, odour-proof properties and its breathability.


Bamboo fibre is entirely covered with micro-slits to allow excellent air flow and moisture absorption, ensuring that the body is cool and dry during sleep. It is also extremely tough and long lasting.


The linings are made from organic cotton, a fresh material that is pleasant to the touch and ensures great breathability. These 100% organic fabrics aid the biologic functions by balancing the biorhythm during sleep.


Cotton is a plant fiber known for its hygroscopic and anti-static properties as well as its breathability. The material has a high absorbency rate and is soft to the touch and comfortable, enabling the skin to breathe and ensuring a refreshing night’s sleep.


Percale is a material of natural origin, created from yarns combed from very high quality cotton. It is synonymous of style and elegance and, when in contact with the skin, it always offers a pleasant, velvety feeling. Percale is characterized by lightness and resistance; qualities that mantain high performance throughout time.


The excellence of satin, which is known for its gloss and softness, is combined with the high quality of pure cotton, a hygienic and extremely durable material. The result, is a precious and elegant fabric that retains an extremely soft texture and extra comfort.


Cotton canvas is made with 100% of the highest quality cotton and characterized by softness and extreme comfort. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, cotton is extremely breathable and absorbent, and is particularly recommended for a regenerating sleep.


Aloe Vera has regenerating properties thanks to its anti-inflammatory features, which positively influence significant habits such as our sleep, when we wake up and our attention.


Cotton mix is a fiber known for its highly breathable properties. The material is particularly soft to the touch and lasts well throug